Bomb Runner Slot Review

Bomb Runner Slot Review
May 26, 2022

Bomb Runner Slot Review

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Bomb Runner, a Habanero slot with a video game-style design, appears to be one of the most intriguing new releases this month. It reminds me of Bomberman, an arcade game I used to play in the late 1990s and early 2000s, however it isn’t the same. There are cartoon-style graphics, higher risk, large prizes, and the typical assortment of offerings that most developers make right now.

You’ll get a unique layout with 6×5 reels and a total of 707 Connected Ways/lines. Bomb Runner has a lot of potential, and you can win up to 6,235x while playing it. However, because the volatility is regarded significant, this is feasible. The RTP you want to aim for is 96.71 percent, however lower and higher alternatives are theoretically feasible. There are Bomb Wilds that can drop, countdowns leading up to their explosions, and that’s pretty much it if you look at the features.

Prizes and Betting

A wager in Bomb Runner has a minimum value of $0.30 with a minimum of 30 coins. It can be increased by using more coins and increasing the bet level. It’s likely to go as high as $300 per spin, making it suitable for high rollers.

Habanero declared a maximum win each round of 6,235x the stake for Bomb Runner. Even if the volatility of this position is also noted as being high, that’s a rather decent return by all accounts.

RTP values are part of a range that includes four different possibilities. The most improbable is 97.84 percent, but I can’t image any real money casinos utilising it. If you browse around, you might find one that is 96.71 percent. The other two have 94.03 percent and 92.34 percent, respectively, and I recommend avoiding them.

Features of the Bomb Runner Slot

The setup for Bomb Runner is quite huge, with 6×5 reels. You can make winning combinations of up to six symbols, but only through the 707 Connected Ways. This means that symbols that are not touching horizontally or diagonally can create a combination. If one reel has the sign in the first position and the following one has it in the third place, that’s already too much, and a combo won’t form.

The Bomb Wilds are the game’s main feature, with up to 9 of them appearing simultaneously.

You’ll notice a countdown on them as they arrive. This indicates how many rounds they’ve been stuck in their current places. The explosives will explode when it reaches zero, giving you a wild in that spot. They may potentially spread to surrounding areas.

Design & Theme

It’s bright, it stars a pink bomb, and you can even see it in a character that stands next to the slot’s reels. It looks like something out of a cartoon, and it might be entertaining. I’m also getting arcade/video game vibes from it.

There’s that Bomb Wild I mentioned before, as well as a lot of themed icons, among the symbols destined for its reels. Rockets, warning signs, dynamite bundles, grenades, and nuclear weapons are all displayed in the latter.


Overall, it will not feel like a traditional slot machine, which is already a benefit. Bomb Runner might be entertaining for a while, but I don’t think it’ll be a long-term alternative or cause much of a stir in the business.