Towering Pays: Excalibur Slot Review

Towering Pays: Excalibur Slot Review
December 7, 2021

Towering Pays: Excalibur Slot Review

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The Towering Pays series has already produced a number of excellent slot machines, the majority of which were developed by GamesLab in conjunction with Yggdrasil. We recently reviewed a game based on the Valhalla legend, and now we’re looking at another based on the legend of King Arthur and his sword. Excalibur is the name of the brand-new game Towering Pays.

Excalibur will include 5×3 reels and 15 active lines, with the possibility of up to 65 lines active in certain circumstances as the gaming area expands (up to 5×8 reels). You can acquire a vast variety of amazing features, like basic wilds, prize multipliers (up to 10x), Excalibur Magic, Stage Play progression with its gaming area extension, a Feature Wheel, and a plethora of other goodies as you play.

Towering Pays: Excalibur Betting and Prizes

Your bets will start at just $0.25, which is more than enough to cover the full gaming area. From there, you can go as high as $25 each spin.

For a better chance of triggering the Hold & Spin, you can additionally engage a Quest Bet. You must spend an additional 15 coins ($0.40 to $40 in the current range) for this.

The incentives that are available aren’t particularly great, but they are still really good. During the Hold & Spins, the bet is multiplied up to 1,000x, and there are significant multipliers (up to 10x) to apply on regular wins, as well as the potential to obtain more active lines.

Towering Pays: Excalibur Slot Features

The King Arthur Wild is one of the most basic feature symbols available in the slot. It can be utilized as a substitute if the prerequisites are completed, but it can also get you rewarded directly if it lands on all reels, in which case it will pay 250x the bet on each line it completely covers.

Excalibur Magic is a feature in which the sword symbols must appear on the first three reels during paid spins and some features, and on the first four reels during others (Arthur and Camelot). It’s possible that when the game reaches its full size, it’ll land on all of them. Because these sword symbols are employed as mystery positions, they all become one random symbol.

The Excalibur symbol also serves a secondary purpose, since its appearance on the reels allows the game to progress to the next level. Starting with the next round, the slot will add one extra row and ten more active lines. You can choose from 5×3 to 5×8 reels, with 15 to 65 lines. When you complete the Avalon bonus, the game area is reset.

I particularly enjoyed the Prize Multiplier, despite the fact that it is random and not guaranteed for winning spins. For 5×3 reels, wins can be increased by 2x, and it goes up from there depending on the game area. For 5×8 reels, the best case scenario is to have 2x to 10x multipliers active.

The Feature Wheel is another feature that is used, and it requires its own scatters to land on the first, third, and fifth reels. It spins and can grant you Win Spins, Hold & Spin, Lancelot free spins, and even upgrade opportunities. You can gain Merlin free spins or another upgrade if you upgrade. The Arthur free spins are the next new bonus, while the fourth level of the wheel can award you Camelot free spins. That identical wheel only provides you Win Spins during free spins.

Avalon is a feature that you can earn if Excalibur appears on the largest gaming area (5×8 reels). It includes its own feature wheels, which can provide you access to a variety of different free spins.

Win Spins: Excalibur takes control of the first three reels, leaving only the last two to spin. The mystery symbols combine to produce a single new symbol, and you are rewarded.

There are various different types of free spins, but they always start with six rounds:

During any winning round, Lancelot can award a random reward multiplier.

Merlin: If you win, you’ll always get a prize multiplier.

Arthur: following wins, there’s a potential for a prize multiplier, but Excalibur now appears on the fourth reel as well.

Camelot: a chance to earn a reward multiplier if Excalibur appears on the first four or all five reels (when a game area has 5×8 reels).

Finally, there’s a Hold & Spin option, which can be triggered by 6 dispersed Shields or a Feature Wheel. It’s a standard feature, with three re-spins that can be reset if more bonus symbols appear. For completing all symbol positions, there is an additional jackpot of 1,000x the bet.

Design & Theme

It’s about Camelot and King Arthur, as well as Excalibur, however the design depicts them all as stone statues rather than real people. Excalibur, Shields, King Arthur wilds, and regulars with Guinevere, Wolf, Horse, Merlin, and others are all represented by symbols. Last on the list are the four-card suit icons.


Excalibur’s Towering Pays: With so many fantastic features, it’s difficult to get bored when playing this slot game. Although I would have appreciated a higher RTP, this is another solid entry in the series.